Loop Check Phones™ Continuity Test Electrician Phones™
  • ME002-N Loop Check Phones™ Continuity Test Electrician Phones™

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    ME002 multifunctional set offers a variety of solutions to match the challenges faced in different situations at work. Packaged together in a convenient zippered heavy-duty tool bag so your test leads stay organized and are easily accessible. This ME002-N phone set includes universal straight/right angle test lead extensions, insulated fine point test tips, large alligator clips (open up 1 ½"), remote grabber clip, super bright LED push button that lets you know when continuity is complete, Velcro ties to secure the wire leads, internal battery and support on how to use through phone or email. Secondary phone includes extra-long leads, screw on alligator clips, right angle input jacks & heavy duty kink less leads. These phone sets are professionally made with the highest quality parts, 100% ready to use right out of the bag, and designed to check for continuity and loop check. Made for electricians to work on non-energized single conductor cables and multi conductor cables no matter how long they are. Communicate two people loud and clear, no noise or interference.

    Photos show add on option of super strong magnets (2)

    **WARNING/CAUTION/DANGER* *Do NOT use on LIVE circuits or energized wires of any voltage. Misuse may result in serious injury or death. We are NOT responsible for any misuse that leads to personal injury, property damage, damage to the phones or any other equipment of any kind.